Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last night was a blur. After a god awful exam in the afternoon, I remember downing a couple beers from my fridge before settling down for a nap. I guess that drink affected me more than I thought cause I woke up and it was dark, my head was throbbing and my stomach was growling. After a couple of shots of whiskey to calm my nerves, I decided to grab some at the diner but didn't even make it to the street when I ran straight into the door. I'm guessing it all went downhill from there since after running into the door I tripped on the step and fell straight into a police officer. He grabbed me tightly and wouldn't go. It was almost a seductive move and I would have stayed there forever if he hadn't begun to pull out his notepad and told me I could either go back to my apartment or get arrested for public intoxication. I remember trying to reach out and kiss those beautiful ruby red lips while still struggling in his arms, but he pulled back and dropped me on the step. He fumbled with his belt and produced a pair of handcuffs, so shiny I had to squint to see them. I guess the police don't get much action around here. Next thing I know I get a surge of anger and begin shaking uncontrollably and punch the officer square in the nose. The last thing I remember before I black out is the dribbling blood on his face the same color as his luscious lips. So much for turning my life around.........

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