Monday, December 15, 2014


The day started with a piercing scream in the parking lot while i was fixing breakfast. It was my usual, scrambled eggs, bacon and an English muffin. I peered out my dingy, screen-less window in time to see a hooded figure in black clothes run away from the parking lot in the direction of the motel 9 shoving what looked to be like a gun into his pocket as he ran while simultaneously trying to hold up his sagging pants. I threw on some sweat pants and a T-shirt and pulled my strawberry blond waist-length hair into a ponytail and dashed out of the house. As I sprinted down the flight of stairs to the back door of Dreamwood Terrace, I ran smack into our doorman, Dreyfus. We quickly apologized and silently jogged to the parking deck. We were not prepared for what we saw in space number 9 of the first level of the deck.

On the ground lay a middle-aged woman dressed in business attire drenched with blood. There appeared to be a bullet in her chest and she looked horrifyingly dead. I waited while Dreyfus called the police and once they took our statement, retreated back to my apartment trying to erase the details of the dead body from my mind. Even after a long hot shower, a cup of coffee, and spending four hours on my senior thesis for my russian history class, I couldn't shake the image of the woman from my mind. Throughout the day I kept stealing glances out my window at the body which was now covered in a sheet, but left in the same spot as the police were called away on a burglary call. Since our town is so small, we only have two police officers on duty at once, and both were needed in other places.

As I was finishing up my paper, I reached down to grab my locket out of nervous habit and found it missing. I searched my room, the kitchen, and even tore apart the floral sofa I was sitting on to no avail. I checked outside the window to make sure no one was near, and took off down the one flight of stairs and out the back door to the parking deck. I cautiously approached the body and looked around for my necklace and was horrified to find it laying in the pool of blood surrounding the woman's body. Fearing being blamed for the murder by having my DNA on site, I left the necklace and planned on returning when the police returned to claim it.

At around seven o'clock that evening all of the power went off in the neighborhood. Finding myself restless and bored without being able to finish my television show, I nibbled on some left over potato chips and at an apple waiting for the power to return. I must have dozed off because I was awakened by blinding lights in my apartment. Shaking the sleep from my eyes  I peered out the window and saw Dreyfus pacing and talking on the phone near the parking deck. When I got down there, the lights in the deck had turned back on and all I saw was the white sheet covered in blood. I glanced at Dreyfus and he just shook his head and shrugged. All I know is the body was gone......