Sunday, January 11, 2015


I woke up unusually early this morning and decided I had enough time to grab breakfast out for a change. I sat in my usual corner booth at the diner and settled in with my coffee and a math textbook. After scarfing down a waffle and some spuds, my favorite breakfast, I began my walk to school. The weather was surprisingly hot for this time of year and I began sweating profusely in my black jeans and long sleeve black shirt. Since the that one awful night I haven't been able to bring myself to wear anything but black. My psychiatrist says it's my way of mourning the good parts of my life before HE ruined it. When I got to City community college, or City as we like to call it, the heat was still on. Stupid boiler system, we're in such a as town they can't even properly heat and cool the place Im forced to spend half my time at. After sitting in classes for 6 hours, and sweating huge stains into my favorite shirt, the only thing I learned from my ancient astronomy teacher is that there's supposed to be some meteor shower tonight.

After class I headed to Christine's for a red velvet cupcake and mid bite found crumbs from a chocolate cupcake and smudges of coffee on the plate. Disgusted I asked Christine about it, was told her dishwasher was out and promptly left leaving the half eaten cupcake for him to clean up if he ever returned, On my way down the hallway back in Dreamwood I heard some horrendous coughing followed by a thud, most likely someone or something hitting the floor. I considered knocking on the door to make sure everyone was okay, but decided against it. I continued on my way to my apartment and collapsed on my unmade bed the minute I got inside. I was exhausted for no reason and felt achy and had chills despite the weather. I guess I might have the flu, so much for that flu shot Brian told me would protect me. Seeing him is worth it though. Damn, I wish I had someone like him in my life now. All I have is this scruffy ugly stray cat that has taken residence in my window. Well, atleast this place it's better than my ex-boyfriend who shall not be named's sad excuse of a house.

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